For Kuhfuss Sanitär, manufacturer and provider of sanitary equipment for schools and public toilets, I designed a generic mobile homepage with some extra features for iPhone and Android devices.

The Fokus carousels/slideshows are made with the iOS and Android compatible Sencha Touch framework allowing the user to swipe through the images und have a simple and elegant navigation between different slideshows and overlays with some extra information. Everything can also be viewed with Webkit browsers like Safari or Chrome on desktop computers.

I used Sencha Touch beta 0.92 under the Open Source licence.

TITLE: Kuhfuss mobil
SHORT INFO: Mobile homepage and Sencha Touch slideshows
CLIENT: Kuhfuss Sanitär
AGENCY: Netzwerk Markus Bomholt & Elgin Kuhfuss Production Service
YEAR: 2010
DROSSMEDIA.COM’S ROLE: Design, Code Customization