Having designed and set up decoration for the German porcelain industry, this cup for the Leonardo da Vinci School was an easy and pleasant job for me. We always wanted something different from the typical promotional mug, but our favourite one with handle and a curved contour would have been too expensive. Finally the cone-shaped form Manhattan by Kleiber Porcelain was chosen.

I picked up a blank one at a stopover in the North-East Bavarian municipality of Regnitzlosau, along the Bavarian Porcelain Route, drew the flat projection at home and adapted my logo design.

See the satisfied customers! On the school party the cups were sold at cost price including a free drink. Of course they will also serve as a small present for official guests or as little trophies for students who did something outstanding.

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Porcelain decoration prototypes
flat projection
Porcelain decoration prototype

Happy customersArne Sewing, member of the head teacher team (left) and a member of the parents and teachers council.

School party

TITLE: Porcelain decoration
SHORT INFO: Cone-shaped cup
CLIENT: Leonardo da Vinci Comprehensive School
AGENCY: drossmedia.com
YEAR: 2011
MANUFACTURER: Kleiber Porcelain
LINK: http://www.da-vinci-igs.de/

APPENDIX: Mockup of the other mug
alternative mockup