AFGK volume 78

Volume 78 now available: Collected, Traded, Stolen – Art in Frankfurt and the region between 1933 and 1945 published by Evelyn Brockhoff and Franziska Kiermeier

From 1933 onwards, the National Socialists put an abrupt end to a period of prosperity for the city’s art and cultural scene. The Nazi regime created a new art business that radically marginalized Jewish artists, collectors, and dealers, thus creating a gap for profiteers – the cover design features stickers on the backside of a Flemish painting from the 1600s.
ISBN: 978-3-95542-314-8

volume 77 perspective
Frankfurt women

Frankfurt women making history.

Fourteen remarkable biographical contributions from the 17th to the 20th century bear witness to their unusual actions, their resistance and their daring transgressions.
ISBN: 978-3-95542-275-2

AFGK volume 76
AFGK volume 76 detail

From Stone Age to the Present Day – 8,000 years of urban development in Frankfurt am Main.

The cover page features a museum model of a Neolithic long house blending into an aerial view of the financial district.
ISBN: 978-3-95542-157-1

AFGK volume 75

My AFGK volume 75 cover features an atmospheric 1928 photo of a group of entrepreneurs around architect Martin Elsässer in the Frankfurt warehouse area.

Makers of the New Frankfurt

An interesting detail is the signage in – back then brandnew – Futura constructivist type style in the background of the photo. The book presents four introductory essays and about 150 individual biographies of known and unknown catalysts of progress in the city of Frankfurt during the Weimar Republic.
ISBN: 978-3-95542-160-1

AFGK 2012modern skyline on the back
AFGK cover

AFGK volume 73 features an early 1920ies photo with Frankfurt’s City Government and Friedrich Ebert, then President of Weimar Germany on the Römer balcony.
ISBN: 978-3-942921-66-4

Another proposal was the „pure art“ concept for the book series. The AFGK series will from now on be released by the Societäsverlag publishing house.

alternative conceptHardcover previewproposal hardcoverPreceding volumesTwo volumes of AFGKThe New FrankfurtDas ‘neue’ Frankfurt (The ‘New’ Frankfurt) is the title of volume number 72 and my second cover design for the established AFGK Archive for Frankfurt’s History and Art book series. The cover features a 17th century decorative painting by Jacob Marrel in constrast to the modern skyline on the back cover.

‘New’ stands for innovations in Frankfurt art from the Middle Ages to today.
ISBN: 978-3-86539-673-0

TITLE: AFGK book cover designs
CLIENT: Institute for City History Frankfurt am Main
DIRECTOR: Dr Evelyn Brockhoff
AGENCY: Dr Henriette Kramer editorial office
YEAR: 2008 et seq.