Studie 67Studie 67Volume 67 now available: The New Frankfurt: Exile and Remigration; a Big City Utopia as Cultural Property in Transfer by C. Julius Reinsberg
ISBN 978-3-95542-352-0

Studie 66
Volume 66: Craft Guilds in Late Medieval Frankfurt am Main; Familial, social and political functions by Ellen Diehm
ISBN 978-3-95542-337-7

Studie 65
Volume 65: Born of Crisis, Theatre Funding Associations and their Protagonists in Frankfurt am Main since 1924 by Theresa Victoria Leonhardt
ISBN 978-3-95542-298-1

Studie 64
Volume 64: (Co-)Designing the New Frankfurt, The Art School Principal and Cultural Policy Maker Fritz Wichert by Carina Danzer
ISBN 978-3-95542-284-4

volume 63
Volume 63: Cultural policy in the Third Reich on the example of Frankfurt museums by Sebastian Farnung
ISBN 978-3-943407-61-7

Studie 62Volume 62: Frankfurt’s Great Late Gothic Architect and Stonemason Madern Gerthener by Gerhard Ringshausen
ISBN 978-3-943407-35-8

Studie 61Volume 61: Municipal Youth Welfare in Frankfurt am Main during the Weimar Republic by Kristina Matron
ISBN 978-3-921606-97-1

spines of volume 60 and 61Over the years, the Studies on Frankfurt’s History have been issued in co-operation with different publishing houses.

Studie 60 book cover designVolume 60: Stockfish and Turnip by Christoph Regulski
ISBN 978-3-86539-680-8

Studie 59 book cover designVolume 59: Architecture of the 1950s in Frankfurt am Main by Almut Gehebe-Gerhardt
ISBN 978-3-8653-9675-4

I redesigned the well-established book series in 2007 for the Waldemar Kramer publishing house by commission of manager Dr Henriette Kramer. The focus of the Kramer publishing programme was on the cultural history of the city of Frankfurt am Main. The Studienreihe look features multi-coloured bands with a section of Kramer’s striped letter K logo (original logo design by master typographer Joachim Romann, 1916—1996).

The first two editionsVolume 56: Paintings from St. Katharinen’s Gallery Parapets by Joachim Proescholdt
ISBN 978-3-7829-0569-5

Volume 55: Money Powers Culture by Gudrun-Christine Schimpf
ISBN 978-3-7829-0568-8

volume 58Volume 58: Administered Lust by Fritz Koch
ISBN 978-3-8653-9672-3

volume 57Volume 57: Modern municipal image-building in Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden und Offenbach by Torben Giese
ISBN 978-3-8653-9671-6

no-image proposalupright image proposal

The original concept also included a layout without any image on the frontpage and one with a full-format upright image.

K Logo as the source of the multi-coloured band

In Summer 2008, the Studienreihe design was shown in Bremen’s Neues Museum Weserburg in the exhibition Ein X für ein U, presenting 25 years of typography deriving from Bremen University of Arts. The exhibition was organized in association with the 23rd Forum Typography conference.

The daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said “the traditional book series now has a new face. The cover design is as fresh as the approach of editor Evelyn Brockhoff.”

TITLE: Studienreihe
SHORT INFO: Book cover design
CLIENT: Institute for City History Frankfurt am Main
DIRECTOR: Dr Evelyn Brockhoff
AGENCY: Dr Henriette Kramer editorial office
YEAR: 2007 et seq.

APPENDIX: Full-bleed cover for volume 63 (proposal)
alternative concept for vol63