2016 concept

Idea of a a semi-transparent blue square over the existing steel wall sculpture focussing on PTB’s new corporate design.

3D logoFoyer 2011Update 2011: Aluminium 3D lettering and vinyl lettering applied to the wall accompanying the Algorithmia steel sculpture.

showcase featuring the sven SI base unitsThe Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) is the national metrology institute of Germany. The basis of all measurements also is the basis of PTB’s work: almost everything revolves about the seven SI base units. In 2008 I was commissioned to layout a showcase of the SI base units for visitors of the Central Division.

Each SI base unit is represented by two photos, a large screened-back photo and a small one in full colour mounted behind 25 mm perspex blocks, and by prototypes from the corresponding PTB laboratory. The foyer lettering was realised in high-performance signage film in cyan blue, white and bronze colour.

Timeline portrait galleryTimeline technical drawing

The PTB foyer also features the Timeline, a portrait gallery of PTB’s founders and former Presidents dating back to the year of 1871. Matching the existing materials of the interior, I provided A4 size photo mounts in an open glass and aluminum design.

mobile (proposal)Timeline with prosed mobile and light effects

In an earlier project stage I proposed a decorative mobile of reflecting, transparent and open-worked materials in different colours to mark the “here and now” in playful effects of light.

SHORT INFO: Showcase and portrait gallery
AGENCY: drossmedia.com
YEAR: 2008/2011
DROSSMEDIA.COM’S ROLE: Art Direction, Design, Production Co-ordination
PHOTOGRAPHER (showcase motifs): Marc Steinmetz, in association with GEO magazine
LINK: http://www.ptb.de/