+12 photos published here month by month, featuring Wolfsburg in the 1980s.

Snowy Beetle car

December 2017 II: Snowy Beetle car in Auf der Höhe street, mid-1980s

keys of Michaeliskirche church

December 2017 I: Keys for Michaeliskirche church in Wolfsburg-Fallersleben, 1982

neon signage

November 2017: Neon signage, 1981. – Here’s a little typographical archeology of Wolfsburg:

Six photos from 1981, plus two I have shot in the last days for filling the format. That is, the two are still in the city today, even if none of the businesses any longer exists in its original form.


September 2017: Abstract, 1984

VfL stadium

August 2017: VfL stadium at the Elsterweg in rustic lower-league times, 1980s

Helmut Kohl, ca.1983

July 2017: Germany’s conservative Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) campaigning with Helmut Kohl in Wolfsburg, ca. early 1983

funfair 1984

June 2017: Funfair 1984

petrol station Mörse

May 2017: Until the 1980s, the village of Mörse in the Wolfsburg district had a petrol station next to the supermarket. Note that regular fuel was selling for DM 1,35 (EUR 0,67)! The petrol station building with various small stores on the other side was torn down, and the spot is now part of a larger parking space for a new supermarket.

Luckily, Mörse’s old half-timbered blacksmith’s shop in the background was renovated and today houses the medical practice of Hartmann and Riemer.

Mörse petrol station, 1980s


April 2017: Easter is coming, and this photo is relatively new. But it is already retro in two aspects: the Eighties experienced a great 50s and 60s revival (today celebrated under the Mid-century Modern motto). In addition, there presently is no such photo position, because there is a large area fenced in for a new kindergarten building. Thirdly, this church architecture by Gerhard Langmaack is always a little in the shadow of our beautiful Aalto buildings of that same era. So you only have to imagine the vegetation a bit smaller!

Pauluskirche (1960), 2016

planetarium construction site

March 2017: The city received a planetarium as part of a swap between the then two German states. In the background the artists‘ dressing rooms and administration wing of the Wolfsburg theatre at Klieversberg hill can be seen.

Planetarium Wolfsburg construction site, 1982

High heels are back

February 2017: “High heels are back” – Changing the window display/Reflections of southern end of Porsche Street, 1984

Ice skating, 1984

January 2017: Ice skating on lake Detmeroder Teich, early 1984

TITLE: Wolfsburg Eighties
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YEAR: 1980s
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