Team up mood
Team up screensAt codeFest8, I joined a team of IT experts developing the idea of a service for optimising inner city parking. In the future, big data analysis, sensor technology on cars and user-generated information will guide drivers to a free parking space.

During the 28-hour hackathon competition held in various locations all over Germany, our multi-talented team of seven discussed the self-set task, researched for existing and future technologies, built in some “social karma” and finally designed, prototyped and presented initial app screens and a simulation server environment.

TITLE: Team up! at codeFest8, Hackathon for the Mobility of the Future
SHORT INFO: Intelligent parking guidance system
TEAM MEMBERS: Michael Drossmann, David D. Duong, Christian Lübke, Michael Reinartz, Enno Röhrig, Tobias Scholz, Sven Torpats
EVENT ORGANIZER: Volkswagen Group IT
LOCATION: Haus der Wissenschaft, Braunschweig
YEAR: 2015

Video from the Braunschweig event on Vimeo